The Muslim West
Seats of Power: Palaces
The private areas of the palace.
The space within palatial enclosures was distributed hierarchically, depending on whether it was public or private. Private spaces included the royal residence, located in the most central and inaccessible part of the enclosure, designed also to accommodate the sovereign's extended family. It was split into residential units arranged around courtyards with porticos that gave access to the private rooms. These always included a main room with adjacent bedrooms, all richly furnished and decorated for receiving the most intimate of guests and holding private parties.
Palace of Ziri in 'Achir (Qasr)

Around Hegira 336 / AD 947
Kef Lakhdar, Aïn Boucif, Médéa, Algeria
Similar to ordinary people's residences, royal residences were arranged around interior courtyards with a fountain in the centre and columns around the edge.