Al-Franj: the Crusaders in the Levant
Journey of an Islamic Minbar
‘Visitors brought with them patronage, endowments and donations in generous quantities.’
The relocation of the minbar to Hebron gave the city a special devotional significance, attracting Muslims, Christians and Jews. The visitors brought patronage, endowments and donations in generous quantities, although their beneficence was targeted not only at the mosque and shrine but also at the city itself. The glass mosque lamp, brass candlesticks and pages from the Qur’an shown in this exhibition are fine examples of their patronage.
Candlestick of al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun

Hegira 693–741 / AD 1294–1340
Islamic Museum, al-Aqsa Mosque / al-Haram al-Sharif
A brass candlestick that was donated to the Ibrahimi Mosque.