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Dublin, Ireland

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The Chester Beatty Library

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Date of Object:

Hegira 3rd–4th century / AD 9th–10th century

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CBL Is 1411

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Coloured pigments and gold on vellum


12.8 x 20.2 cm


North Africa or Spain


In this Qur’an, the beginning of each sura (chapter) is indicated by a line of gold script giving the title of the chapter and the number of verses it contains. Extending from each of these titles is a highly stylized palmette element, executed in a palette of burgundy, blue, green and gold. These folios are from what was the final volume of a sixty-part Qur’an. Each of the original sixty volumes would have begun with an illuminated double-page frontispiece similar to the (now only single-page) frontispiece included in this volume.

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